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  • 6106280 Mobile Number

    (610) 628 0924 - Created by 209.203.175.###

    This number texted me saying g they ate the CIA agent that I need to pay 100 with steam gift card

  • 8513919 Mobile Number

    (851) 391 9780 - Created by 106.193.2.###

    He was a fraud please find its number address because ShopClues named lucky draw named fraudulent activity this number

  • 7546782 Mobile Number

    (754) 678 2475 - Created by 24.171.16.###

    Calle claimed to be from Tony's Pizza wanting to confirm my address for delivery. Yeah, ok.

  • 8881027 Mobile Number

    (888) 102 7224 - Created by 70.94.87.###

    I received a call about my benefits being permanently freezed and the same unknown caller kept calling me and calling me especially while I was at work and I really need it to stop 🛑

  • 2131820 Mobile Number

    (213) 182 0579 - Created by 107.77.2.###

    Was sent this possibly as a threat. Either that or a 2nd way of contact. It wasn’t a working number Though as of 1-25-2020

  • 7713248481 Mobile Number

    (771) 324 8481 - Created by 187.237.14.###

    PELIGRO este número 7713248481 es usado para amedrentar y atemorizar con groserías y proviene de Hidalgo

  • 6147815262 Mobile Number

    (614) 781 5262 - Created by 174.232.14.###

    This phone number is being spoofed for an illegal Robocall offering a fake 0% credit card from "Alert System at Visa/MasterCard". FAKE!!! They call every 4 days with a different phone number, same recording.

  • 6315128455 Mobile Number

    (631) 512 8455 - Created by 199.116.115.###

    I keep receiving calls, on a daily basis, from 1-631-512-8455 & 631-513-xxxx. No messages are ever left for me, and I ignore any number not in my contact list. This has been happening for the last two weeks.

  • 7753926 Mobile Number

    (775) 392 6343 - Created by 174.83.137.###

    Caller with very heavy Indian(asian) accent said he was from Medicare and wanted to get me my new medicare card. HUNG UP (he said wait wait, when did you get?)

  • 8184970 Mobile Number

    (818) 497 0097 - Created by 47.154.219.###

    This number listed as me. It’s not. Michael Feldman is impersonating me. That’s illegal.

  • 7035929 Mobile Number

    (703) 592 9178 - Created by 70.160.17.###

    This number calls 10-20 times a day....says they are from Medicare.SCAM

  • 4437072 Mobile Number

    (443) 707 2056 - Created by 142.196.20.###


  • 2105039 Mobile Number

    (210) 503 9024 - Created by 76.14.21.###

    Left a message saying there was suspicious activity with my ssn. Scam. Social Security does not notify my phone. Only mail.

  • 5817036 Mobile Number

    (581) 703 6523 - Created by 24.85.177.###

    I am ex City Councillor and awakened at 06:20 hrs on my land line today. Caller start saying this has to do with your social security. I hang up knowing that is was improper call. This has to stop as same phone have done this before on my line.

  • 8084007 Mobile Number

    (808) 400 7328 - Created by 66.91.221.###

    Political text...Hi (NAME)! It's Matt with Bernie 2020. Bernie believes we have a corrupt political and economic system that needs major change. He's running for president to make our economy, our government, and our health care system work for all of us, not just the wealthy few. Are you in for Bernie?

  • 5183341 Mobile Number

    (518) 334 1003 - Created by 99.203.56.###

    Caller keeps calling me using guy voice leaving threats about my life. I do not know who this number belong to !

  • 8073368 Mobile Number

    (807) 336 8336 - Created by 76.69.12.###

    keeps calling from different numbers with an 807 area code, hangs up after leaving no message...

  • 8056352 Mobile Number

    (805) 635 2034 - Created by 63.84.4.###

    Missed their call. I called back. An Indian man answered and said he was from the "Social Security Administration". It was very smooth. He wasn't reading a script. He asked if I knew what time they had called. Then, he asked if they left me a case number ID. When I said no, he then asked for my social security number to look up my "case". I laughed. He laughed as well, realizing that I've caught on. I asked him if this actually works. He laughed and said yes. I asked him if he does this often. He said yes. I said "Well, you shouldn't." and laughed and said, "well, thank you for that sir". I then hung up.

  • 6134526 Mobile Number

    (613) 452 6691 - Created by 24.114.10.###

    Keep saying its a federal court house, claiming to have a case against my sin number and ill will get arrest

  • 9799010 Mobile Number

    (979) 901 0873 - Created by 169.149.209.###

    Fraud is happening with this number, these Numbers are being sent to a rich money money in the name of mitta thakur. The poor people are being made a victim of this

  • 8079605 Mobile Number

    (807) 960 5798 - Created by 147.253.156.###

    Scammers!! Fake service Canada agents they ask for your social security number.

  • 5012639 Mobile Number

    (501) 263 9837 - Created by 50.254.2.###

    This number keeps calling but refuses to leave voicemail. I don't answer numbers I don't know.

  • 9162800 Mobile Number

    (916) 280 0403 - Created by 69.125.143.###

    Received a call from (916) 280-0403 from Bihar, Jharkhand which is a state in East India. They left no message but were likely calling from my applying for a job on Craigslist that I now know is a phony job mining for information. This is why I remove my address from my resume and cover letter, they can Google my name until their eyes fall out. My name is too common.

  • 7057110 Mobile Number

    (705) 711 0871 - Created by 174.117.2.###

    This is a scam! When I answered the phone, it was an automated message stating they are calling from the Legal Department from Service Canada and they are going to put me in jail. This is a scam; you will NEVER get an automated message from Service Canada or any Canadian Government Department or Agency. Employee's from Service Canada or any Canadian Government Department or Agency will call themselves, and will leave a message. Please remember no Canadian Government Department or Agency will NOT threaten to put you in jail!

  • 7701893 Mobile Number

    (770) 189 3839 - Created by 20.139.6.###

    i got ram some call from this number (7701893839). this person is using abusing language. take hard action of those type of person.

  • 7289848 Mobile Number

    (728) 984 8883 - Created by 117.226.161.###

    This number claiming by a reception call center girl as number of SBI Bank. What is the reality

  • 7322401 Mobile Number

    (732) 240 1409 - Created by 173.70..###

    Suggestions???? Are you for real??? Why doesn’t Verizon stop this BS.??? Better yet, why don’t our crooked Congress vote on a bill to stop this harassment??? Can put a man on the moon, elect an idiot to be president but cannot stop robocalls. How about fining the callers $10,000 a call.????

  • 7050914 Mobile Number

    (705) 091 4388 - Created by 174.115.108.###

    Spam, says it’s from United States I declined the call went to voice mail and hung up . It’s about the 6th call I have had today, January 22, 2020, I wish the Canadian government would do something about these stupid calls!

  • 6047948 Mobile Number

    (604) 794 8256 - Created by 70.68.163.###

    This is a scam call claiming to be from some federal legal department against the call recipient warning the they might get arrested if disconnect the call. They are probably looking for a naive person to fall for their scam. Any legal federal agency in Canada always contact you by mail first,at a later stage a person might be able to talk to them over the phone but they hardly will call you on your cellphone.

  • 6145995 Mobile Number

    (614) 599 5134 - Created by 174.232.14.###

    Called my cell. Spy Dialer shows No Record Found. VM is not set up to take messages. SCAM.

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  • 6662751411 Mobile Number

    6662751411 - (666)-275-1411

    Automatic voice call. Call went to voice mail. Asked for pin number of this Sprint account. Asked for last four digits of social security. Said it would verify this Sprint account based on the information given.

  • 8667111349 Mobile Number

    8667111349 - (866) 711 1349

    Received a phone call on house phone/landline from number listed above. Man's voice left message on machine saying he was on his way to my home with papers that needed to be signed and for me to also have a witness available, said he was with a local courier service. The last thing he said before hanging up was "I'm on my way." Soon after the call, I left for dinner. Don't know if anyone showed up or not. Message also said that if I wished to reschedule his arrival, for me to call the number 866 711 1349 and I think he said his name was Chris.

Phone Scams

Phone scams are a serious threat these days as more and more people are becoming increasingly dependent on smart phones. They are used to not only manage their contacts but also their financial information. This has made us sitting targets for phone scammers. According to reports, the incidents of phone scamming have quadrupled since 2015 and this only takes into account the complaints that have been actually registered by people.

Although, financial organizations and governments are trying to spread awareness among people about phone scamming but the condition has not improved much. The scammers are continuously coming up with new techniques of tricking innocent people of their money.

In the coming paragraphs we will discuss about the various perspectives of phone scamming and what threat they pose to us. We will also discuss about the ways to avoid being scammed and where we can go for help in the event of any mis-happening.

Dangerous Things People Can Do With Your Phone Number:

There are many easy ways to get hold of your phone number. Fake calls, social media profiles, blogs etc are some of the many ways that can be used to get hold of your phone number. You must be thinking, that ‘What is the big deal about it’? Well, the way these people use your mobile number, will scare you. Here are a few methods used by scammers to trick you, if they have your phone number:

  • 1 - Fake MMS message with an embedded virus: They can send a fake MMS message on your phone that carries a virus that quickly gains root access (Windows, Android or IOS). The virus then quietly starts phishing out your data. It also starts corrupting your files from within. Overall, your data is compromised and your phone starts getting ripped off from within.
  • 2 - Phone Lock: We have already read how they can implant a virus in our phone. There have also been instances when they are able to completely lock your phone down with all the sensitive information inside. They then ask for ransom, generally in terms of Bitcoin (as the buyer and seller stay relatively anonymous on both sides due to the block chain technology), to unlock your mobile phone. However, there have been instances where people have paid the ransom and their phones or computers never got unlocked. They ended up losing their data anyways.
  • 3 - Spoofing: Spoofing, in general, is a fraudulent or malicious practice in which communication is sent from an unknown source disguised as a source known to the receiver. Spoofing is most prevalent in communication mechanisms that lack a high level of security. Any mobile number can be spoofed and can then be used to launch a DOS attack on other websites. Similar cyber attacks can also be carried out where your mobile number will be one among the many carriers of the attack, without you even knowing about it. This is dangerous as you can get into a serious mess without any knowledge or involvement.
  • 4 - LAN hacking: Mobile number can also be used in a sophisticated way to hack your LAN connection. Just imagine the amount of damage that can be done by controlling your internet connection.
  • 5 - Harassing/Stalking: This is another common misuse of your mobile number. Scammers can search your social media profile through your mobile number (if you have shared it on your profile). Through it they can gather a lot of your personal information, your friends, your family, profession, address, photos etc. These information can then be used to Harass you or Stalk you on social media and also over your phone. They know a lot about you, your family, your friends and they know how to contact you. Well, this can sometimes really get ugly.

Why They’re Calling You:

Now let’s discuss about some of the most dangerous motives of Cell Phone Scammers and why they are calling you? If you are not aware, you may be their next victim.

  • 1 - Phone Cloning: Criminals may steal your cell phone number through the various ways discussed above. They can then set up a new phone with that number and receive all your calls and text messages. They will virtually be sharing your phone with you. They can also contact your friends on your behalf and can send messages to your contacts. Through your phone, they can access all your saved photos, documents and passwords. They can then gain virtual access to your social media accounts and bank accounts.

    There have been multiple reports of such scams all around the World. The scammers collect information about you through your social media accounts and they already have access to your phone. They then call your mobile service provider and request for service change. They can also contact your credit card company and request for change of details. As they already have access to your email as well (through your phone), they can get around 2FA (two factor authentication) emails. All this can have a devastating impact on your personal and financial life.

  • 2 - Scam your family and friends: As the criminals already have access to your phone, they can send fake messages or make calls to your contacts and ask them for financial assistance. They can dupe them in your name, thereby bringing unwanted social embarassment to you.
  • 3 - Fake calls in the name of bank or Credit Card Company: The scammers also make fake calls on your number, saying that they are calling on behalf of the bank or the credit card company. They then scare you by saying that your card or account is blocked. Then they ask you for your personal details to unblock your card.
  • 4 - Exploit Innocence: Another reason why they are calling you may be simply because they want to exploit you innocence into tricking you off your money.

Signs of a Scam:

Fake calls carry some of the most common signs of a scam. Every day we receive many promotional text messages and some phone calls promoting some stuff. Scammers try to tap into our psychology and do a few things that form a common trait of scam calls. Some such signals are as follows:

  • 1 - Call comes but no one responds: This is basically a confirmation call that you are the owner of that number.
  • 2 - Rush through the sales pitch: The scam callers will generally rush through their sales pitch, committing and promising a lot many things along the way. They do so in order to confuse you. They will not give you time to think or question. Even if you put up a query, they will be happy to respond. They can even tell you about a fake website or show you testimonials that are all set up to provide a legit environment. They will be very persuasive and consistent with their efforts.
  • 3 - The callers will present you with an attractive Ponzi scheme with a ‘rags to riches’ testimonial. The scheme will be too good to ignore and will be portrayed in a way that it suits your needs the best. They will try to convince you on all fronts and address all your queries. They also talk in a friendly and helpful way to weaken our reasoning and fill us with trust and emotions. Their sales pitch will promise prosperity and a great lifestyle for you and your family. It will tickle all your hidden desires and wishes. You will not be able to say ‘No’ to them.
  • 4 - Their focus will be to get your credit card or account details. They may also ask you for your email id and other personal information that they can use against you.

The above mentioned are the most common signs of a scam. They should immediately ring your alarms when you receive a fake call. All the above tricks are aimed at promising you with money and prosperity. Logically thinking, if anyone really knew the ‘trick to be rich’, they would not be desperate enough to share it with you. They would be busy minting money for themselves. If the World would have been so fair, no one would be poor today. Have you ever heard of Bill Gates or Warren Buffet calling people to share their secret or strategies with them? This just never happens.

Always remember, there is no such thing as ‘get rich quick’ in this world. This may happen with a few really lucky people, but everyone is not lucky. There is no other way to make money other than hard or smart work.

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